My name is Laura, I’m twenty-five and I have a hungry heart for adventures. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been passionately in love with earth. It is so infinite and spirited it fuels my heart and soul. I used to feel trapped and believe I could not break away from social norms. That they were necessary and a way to keep me sane. That I would, someday, be happy.

Someday is wrong. Someday is watching your life slip away hopelessly thinking tomorrow will be better when it will be just as painful. Someday is lying to yourself until the fire in your heart eventually burns out. I eventually realized I could either choose to seize the beautifully fleeting opportunities in life or wait around for a better timing and slowly lose track of my dreams. And so began my silly obsession for making my dreams a reality. For traveling the world and making endless human connections.

Today, I’m a registered nurse. I put my heart on the line for the patients I care for and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I try my absolute best to be a good person by spreading joy and kindness all around. While I love my job, nothing makes me happier than living life out of a backpack while documenting everything with photographs. I let my heart grow bigger as I feel everything fully. I immerse my whole body and heart in love and experiences.

And I do eat a ridiculous amount of chocolate too.


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